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040With more than a century of experience behind us, Limbach’s engineering team provides the following benefits:

  • Flexible Delivery. Limbach Engineering & Design Services provides industry-leading engineering expertise from engineers who routinely construct highly complex MEP systems. Our engineers approach design pragmatically, after observing a wide range of building systems - some that work and many that don’t.  The customer benefits from our in-depth experience, knowing the work is designed correctly the first time.  We specialize in advanced delivery methods such as Design/Assist, Design/Build and Integrated Project Delivery that focus on collaboration; however, we can even offer value late in the design stages through our experience in value engineering.  

  • Integrated Technology. Limbach developed the Limbach Modeling & Production System (LMPS) over five years, investing more than $2 million in what we believe is the leading fully integrated engineering, cost estimating, labor production and fabrication platform in the US. Owner benefits include excellent design, real-time, highly accurate and reliable cost estimating, and efficiencies and cost savings created by the integration of the front end system to our fabrication software.