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Limbach Modeling and Production System

Limbach Modeling & Production System (LMPS)

LMPS is a suite of Building Information & Modeling (BIM) tools that relies on the powerful data set embedded within our BIM software. The result is a LEAN approach that generates design, estimation, coordination, fabrication and installation processes from a single model.

LMPS utilizes one database to provide real time cost impact to design changes as well as labor management feedback throughout the design, construction and facility management of the owner's building.

The intellectual property associated with LMPS includes:

  • Detailed information for component “items” associated with the systems that Limbach installs, i.e. pipe, valves, fittings, duct. This information includes accurate geometric, cost and labor properties.
  • Developed "services" that automate the connection of these items included within the database on a system by system basis.
  • Data mining tools which aggregate the detailed data associated with the tens of thousands of items related to each project for the purposes of estimating and tracking the resulting fabrication and installation productivities.

BIM Piping Model for LMPS5

LMPS supports advanced workflow functionalities such as:

  • Translating generic Revit models into “Items” for quick estimating and shop drawing production eliminating redundant drawing efforts (Draw once).
  • Converting fabrication models into Revit on Design Assist or IPD projects where Limbach is part of the design document production and helping the engineer produce drawings.
  • Delivering fully coordinated construction models into the native Revit environment as the final deliverable.
  • Communicating the data rich 3D coordination model with the field for onsite viewing during installation.
  • Exporting information such as penetrations locations to field for use with Robotic Total Stations.

LMPS provides the following value-added benefits:

  • Model-based labor productivity tracking which allows real-time feedback of actual shop and field hours against the budget
  • Material tracking
  • Laser scanning of installed systems against the coordination model will assure the as-built accuracy required for facility maintenance and energy usage purposes

We continuously evaluate new technologies and enhance workflows that optimize our design and construction processes and deliver further value to the building owner's team.

LMPS… a living model and a single workflow.

LMPS Six Circles