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We meet the COSTARS program’s rigorous requirements for competitive pricing and superior quality service, so COSTARS members can purchase services directly through us without the time-consuming public bid process.

What is COSTARS?

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program administered by the Department of General Services (the “DGS”) Bureau of Procurement. The COSTARS program provides registered local public procurement units as well as state-affiliated entities (together “Members”) and suppliers a tool to find and do business with each other effectively through the use of a contract established by the DGS.

There are several thousand registered members taking advantage of existing Commonwealth of PA contracts. The goal is to provide Members the ability to directly purchase services and equipment from a group of pre-qualified suppliers while ensuring competitive pricing and an above-average standard of quality.

A state-affiliated entity is a Commonwealth authority or other Commonwealth entity that is not a Commonwealth agency. The term includes:

  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission,
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency,
  • Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System,
  • Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority,
  • State Public School Building Authority, and
  • Pennsylvania Higher Education Facilities Authority, and State System of Higher Education

How to become a COSTARS Member
The DGS requires Local Public Procurement Units (“LPPUs”) and state-affiliated entities to register as COSTARS Members, and only those entities registered with the DGS may purchase from the Contract. COSTARS membership is for purchasers and it is exclusive to eligible LPPUs and state-affiliated entities.

LPPUs are eligible to participate in the program for supplies and services entered into by the DGS that are made available. An LPPU unit is defined as:

  • any political subdivision,
  • any public authority,
  • any tax exempt, nonprofit education or public health institution or organization,
  • any nonprofit fire company, nonprofit rescue company, nonprofit ambulance company, and
  • to the extent provided by law, any other entity, including a council of government or an area government, that expends public funds for the procurement of supplies and services.

Eligible LPPUs must register online with the DGS. Once registered, and if eligible, an approval letter will be provided with a member number. Please note that LPPUs will not be permitted to register more than once. Therefore only one member ID and password will be provided to each Member and should be shared within your organization by those who may need access to the COSTARS website.

How you procure work from Limbach through COSTARS
Through a rigorous pre-qualification process, COSTARS has pre-determined that Limbach's pricing is competitive and that our work is of a standard necessary for performing services under contract number: 008-574 (Maintenance, Repair & Operation Equipment and Supplies (“MRO”)).

Under this contract, Members can purchase directly from Limbach without going through a competitive bidding process.

CLICK HERE to visit the COSTARS website.
Member ID Number: 008-574
For more info on the COSTARS program please EMAIL US