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Craig Turner

What is your current role?
Mentor in the WICS program.  However, my day job is the head of the electrical engineering department at LEDS.

Why did you decide to be on the WICS advisory council?
I just wanted to help make it less intimidating for all people to come into our profession.  I look at my daughter that is very engineering and construction minded, and wouldn't want her to be deterred to enter our field of work.

What is the biggest change you would like to see come out of the WICS effort/initiative? That Limbach  becomes the company that has the right person for the right job.  Regardless of the physical trait a person has. That we have done everything in our power to make it an equal opportunity workplace.  

What would you tell someone if they were interested in supporting this effort? How can they help?
I would say, the easiest way to help is to open your mind.  Discuss your thoughts honestly and respectfully. Everyone has lived a different life and has different experiences that have shaped their views.  You can't begin the process if you don't know what others have experienced and can discuss it.

What's your favorite part of your job?
Interacting with others, and seeing the final product come from something we dreamed up and put on a piece of paper.

What advice would you give someone starting out in this industry?
Don't be afraid to ask questions.  We all started somewhere, and in the beginning you don't even know what you don't know yet.  So ask as many questions as possible. You are being paid to do your job, so become a "professional" and hone your skills. 

What is the biggest change you have seen in the construction industry since you started?
It has become more technology based and no longer a "Boys Only" field.

Who inspires you and why?
Currently, I am inspired by the executive managers at LEDS ( Ron, Shawn, and TIm).  They are not only excellent on the technical side, but very organized, and fair individuals that see problems and offer solutions, as well as treat everyone with respect.

What’s the best career advice you ever received?
It was from college.  I asked a professor for the answer to a problem, and he refused to give it to me.  I hated him at the time for it, but his response made sense to me later. He said " There is no answer book in real life or at whatever profession you wind up in.  It's up to you to learn/find/create the resources you need to find a solution to problems. So do everything in your power to become knowledgeable in your field to know that you have the right answer, or to know that you have the wrong answer and find the right resources to get you the right answer.

What (work related thing) keeps you up at night?
The only thing that could keep me up, is knowing that I made a mistake, or missed a deadline and didn't put do everything in my power/ work hard enough to meet it.

What would surprise us about you?
That I would love to complete the Ninja Warrior course one day :)