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Unique Culture

All companies want to communicate what makes their organization a unique and fulfilling place to work.

In early 2016, in the process of updating and refreshing our brand, we learned that our brand is much more than logos, taglines, marketing collateral and the application of tangible, visual assets. A brand is really about culture. The following words describe what makes Limbach a unique and satisfying employer.


Every day, we come ready to deliver value to our customers, partners and colleagues. We work tirelessly to help these collaborators reach their goals and overcome their obstacles. We attack challenges they face, helping pave a smooth road and lending a hand whenever our team needs it - on the job or off.

To us, success isn't just measured by our achievements and accomplishments. Success is measured by the success of the individual people. And when we come together - from Los Angeles to Ohio, from Boston to Michigan and all points in between - we are stronger. We profoundly believe that each employee makes us better able to take on our clients' toughest problems. When we carefully listen, and seek out and embrace each others' skills, insights and unique perspectives, we solve seemingly impossible challenges.

This drive to solve complex problems lies at the heart of everything we do. It's why we go out of our way to actively engage early in the creative process. It's why we collaborate to identify potential issues before they become problems. And it's why we quickly engage when someone needs our help. It's a tradition that has been at the heart of Limbach since founding, and it will remain at the core of who we are every day into the future.

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Below are the attributes which guide the people in the Limbach family:

We are driven. At Limbach, we never settle. We push ourselves, and one another, forward to the next challenge, feeding the fire and ambition that drives each and every one of us to make ourselves, and our company, the best it can possibly be. We are truly inspired when we are able to test our limits and see how far we can go and how high we can reach. To us, it's not just about the destination, but the journey and what we learn and discover along the way. It's about partnering with clients and co-workers to find answers that make a real impact - improving a building's productivity, delivering significant cost savings, offering innovative solutions and technologies, and supporting our team however we can. This drive, this passion, has been the same since we first opened our doors and it's a tradition we are proud to carry forward into our future.

We are empathetic. We care: Two words with a very big meaning. At Limbach, we do more than come into work every day to get a job done. We come into work every day and rally around one another, lending a hand whenever and however our colleagues, clients and partners need it, making sure we are always at our safest and our strongest. We celebrate and respect everyone's unique perspective, and what they can bring to the table.

Before we offer advice or suggestions, we are there, listening closely, to better understand what someone needs to succeed. We are there with them every step of the way: their wins are our wins and their losses are our losses. We travel the extra mile together, because we understand that when we empower others to succeed, we all can win.

We embrace complexity. In each one of us, there is a fearlessness; a calculated risk-taker ready to take on the biggest challenges, the toughest problems, the most complex projects. We attack complexity and bring the best, brightest and hardest workers in the industry to the game. We give each unique challenge our all and leave nothing behind. This dedication, coupled with our proven and unmatched expertise, enables us to put the pieces together in a better, more effective and more efficient way, finding the solutions and answers our clients didn't know were possible. And when we can step back and look at those achievements and accomplishments, we know that we did well. That sense of pride is what drives us to turn around and do it again for each and every one of our customers.

We are collaborative. When we work across customers, Limbach branches, across departments and across job titles, we learn more, understand more and are better able to offer the solutions and expertise our clients want and need. But it's more than just collaborating; it's about knowing when and who to call for help. It's recognizing and respecting each individual's point of view and experience, and engaging that insight at precisely the right time. It's about exploring the opportunity together and collectively applying our expertise - from construction to engineering to service - on our client's projects and challenges. When we do this, when we pull those pieces together and share our insights, we push forward, together as one.

We create a painless experience. Our customers rarely get the opportunity see the hard work and hustle that goes into the engineering, construction and service work we perform; however, success is more than attention or accolades. It's about delivering tangible value that truly moves the dial for our customers over the long term. In an industry sometimes fraught with turbulent relationships, we are committed to being first choice, to building lasting partnerships with customers and collaborators. We are constantly thinking ahead to how we can best serve our customers and help them achieve their goals. We identify solutions to problems before they arise, and constantly communicate our status, achievements and next steps. We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes and always evolving our services, technology and support to help advance clients, colleagues and partners.

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The energy mark of our logo, with its three distinct colors, represents the thoughtful integration of engineering, construction and service through single-point accountability to our customers.

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