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Limbach Energy Assessment for Performance (LEAP)

For building owners and managers who lack visibility into their building's performance, LEAP is a partner to your internal team that provides a data-driven approach to improving energy efficiency, achieving financial goals, and promoting sustainability-focused practices, unlike other standalone services.

Limbach Professional Engineers, and Certified Energy Managers are dedicated to operating your building at peak performance. Now, with real-time energy data and building insights by.

Your buildings are our mission — Limbach’s team of passionate and experienced building efficiency engineers, now with all the benefits of energy data and insights from JadeTrack. Working together, we’ll help get you to your goal. Guaranteed.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to improving your building’s indoor environment and reducing costs. From leadership to finance and facilities, each department has separate priorities, but Limbach’s LEAP Program makes it possible to align the entire organization around common goals and metrics. 

What is it?

  1. Energy management & sustainability software to automatically track your utility bills, benchmark your building performance with ENERGY STAR and monitor your building’s energy use in real-time -- all in a single platform
  2. Professional engineers to monitor your energy data with you (or for you!) and provide expert analysis and coaching towards energy efficiency or sustainability goals. 
  3. Access to experts who already know your building and can quickly implement service, maintenance and capital projects

How does it work? 

Limbach’s LEAP Program translates your building's data into action. We help you track your building’s energy performance, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver on sustainability goals.

  • Access your data
    Say goodbye to manual data entry, automated utility data tracking gives you visibility to usage and costs across your entire portfolio at the ​click of a button.
  • Set realistic goals
    Benchmark your building with ENERGY STAR and see how it performs relative to peer buildings with best practices, and support to ​set realistic goals going forward.
  • Capture savings
    Experienced energy engineers show you how to make low/no cost efficiency gains and discover longer-term opportunities to capture ​the greatest potential cost savings.
  • Deliver results
    Demonstrate and share the financial and environmental impact from your efforts with reporting that includes compliance with mandated government benchmarking.

Why LEAP? 
Buildings are our mission. LEAP can help you operate your buildings at peak performance. Comfortably and efficiently. Without compromise,we provide you the best of both worlds - great technology and data insights paired with dedicated energy management professionals - working together to help you meet your goals. Guaranteed.

Do you have Energy Benchmarking Requirements, Ordinances or Policies in your area?

To promote sustainable policies, more than 50 state and local governments require mandatory energy benchmarking and disclosure for both public and private sector buildings.

City of Philadelphia Ordinance Bill NO. 190600

On December 4, 2019, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed into law a Building Energy Performance Policy addressing one of the city’s biggest sources of carbon emissions: large commercial and institutional buildings. The ordinance requires Owners of non-residential buildings larger than 50,000 square feet to perform tune-ups, or energy-based building inspections and corrective actions, every five years to improve energy efficiency

City of Orlando Building Energy & Water Efficiency Strategy

In 2016, Orlando City Council unanimously passed the Building Energy and Water Efficiency Strategy (BEWES), a policy focused on tracking the energy and water output of our largest buildings. Beginning May 2020 Building owners who score less then the national average will be required to perform an energy audit or choose to perform a retro-commissioning of their building systems.

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