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Indoor Environmental Agriculture

Indoor Environmental Agriculture requires com
plex mechanical and HVAC systems. It is mission-critical to design and install a system that helps solve, if not mitigate, the problems that arise from operating a grow room. Our goal is to offer you the ability to choose an approach to the system design that would meet all of your needs and set you up for success. Whether it be a full design build, commissioning, automation, and controls or maintenance and service we are here to make it easy on you.

Click here to read more on the unique challenges indoor grow facilities face and our solutions to overcome them. 

Our Indoor Agriculture experts will also be attending the upcoming MJBizCon in Las Vegas on October 20th - 22nd. Make sure you stop by and see us to learn how we can help you grow faster, increase yields, and gain more control of your grow facility. 
From design to installation we provide systems that work.

By partnering with Limbach, our team can help you: