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United States Postal Service Calvert DDC Upgrade

Laurel, MD - Mid Atlantic

  • Customer: USPS
  • Delivery Method: Design Build
  • Service Offering: HVAC
  • Project Description: Limbach pursued this project as the design build prime contractor, completing a turnkey mechanical, electrical, and plumbing scope, as well as, general contracting upgrades. The USPS Calvert is a District Distribution Center (DDC). Due to the sensitive nature of any mailing facility, this project required careful coordination to keep the mail up and running while maintaining occupant comfort. The project included trouble shooting the existing conditions, developing design solutions to replace equipment and distribution systems. Limbach Engineering and Design completed a detailed analysis of the existing HVAC systems and made recommendations to the Owner for the best value HVAC Strategy. This analysis helped the Owner understand the existing conditions, the current load profiles, and options for best upgrading the facility. The project included retrofitting the HVAC systems by providing new RTU's for the workroom floor and for part of the office/administration space, replacing VVT units with VAV units and electric re-heat in office spaces. The scope further included sheet metal and insulation modifications, ceiling removal and replacement, air balancing, duct cleaning, upgrading transformers and breakers, removing and replacing lighting for the installation of new ductwork, and upgrading the Building Automation Systems. This project was completed on time and in budget.
  • Completion Date: APRIL 2012
  • Total Project Cost: N/A