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LEDS Makes Strategic Hire in OH

COLUMBUS, OH,  - Limbach Engineering & Design Services (LEDS) has begun expanding its Ohio Design Center.  Ron Turner, P.E., an engineer who is well-respected in and around the Columbus area, has been hired to extend LEDS’ reach in the midwest market.  Turner, who joined LEDS on June 26, 2017 as a Senior Mechanical Engineer, was hand-selected for the role because of the continuing shift toward Design-Build delivery on MEP projects.  

“I’ve admired Ron for a long time,” said Limbach Senior Vice President Jay Sharp.  “He’s trusted in the community; he’s a great communicator; he’s a true engineering expert, and he lives the Limbach core values.  This hire is as much about who he is as it is about what he can do.  Ron is consistent with who we are and will represent Limbach well.”

A strategic hire such as this one is crucial in the rapidly-shifting construction marketplace.  Limbach, with the in-house services of LEDS, provides building owners with more cost certainty and a single-point of accountability for the engineering, construction and service of building systems.  An experienced and trusted engineer to lead the Ohio Design Center of LEDS gives Limbach a leg-up on the competition.  Turner will have the opportunity to serve as Engineer of Record on design-build projects while also working in collaboration with local partners on other projects.

“The growth of Limbach Engineering & Design Services is a reflection of Limbach’s commitment to our customers,” said Tim Ward, President of LEDS.  “The addition of very talented and experienced engineers closer to our clients is necessary to maintain our progress towards design-related delivery of building systems.”

Turner brings 26 years of industry experience with him to Limbach, including a significant portfolio of Project Management and Mechanical Design experience.  His reputation in the Columbus community is 30 years in the making. Turner graduated from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio and has spent a considerable portion of his professional career in the market, including a stint as a Partner, Project Manager and Senior Mechanical Engineer at HAWA, Inc. With a bevy of experience in the healthcare, laboratory and higher education vertical markets, Turner is the perfect fit for Limbach in Ohio.

“I’m happy to be a part of something very exciting here,” said Turner.  “In Columbus, Limbach is the leader of the market.  I look forward to helping by leading the effort in the shift toward design-build, growing the business in the process.”


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