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Limbach Engineering & Design Services Makes Strategic Electrical Engineer Hire

ORLANDO, FL - Limbach Engineering & Design Services (LEDS) has expanded its engineering portfolio with the hiring of Craig Turner, P.E.  Known primarily for their work in mechanical engineering, LEDS has been actively hiring engineers with other areas of expertise to expand their reach and capabilities within the world of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Controls.  Turner, a very well respected Senior Electrical Engineer in Florida, was hired on August 14.  He fills in the final gap for LEDS, allowing them to offer a full suite of MEP engineering.

“Limbach’s vision is to become the first choice in integrated building systems: mechanical, electrical and plumbing,” explained LEDS President Tim Ward.  “We want to be a full service provider in design-build, design-assist, and those processes are led by engineering.  Without electrical engineering, you can’t lead.”

A strategic hire such as this one is crucial in the rapidly-shifting construction marketplace.  Design-Build and Design-Assist delivery is more common than ever.  The ability to offer each engineering discipline makes LEDS a one-stop-shop for Limbach customers, providing building owners with more cost certainty and a single-point of accountability for the engineering, construction and service of all building systems.  Hiring Turner, an experienced and trusted engineer, to lead this new discipline within LEDS gives Limbach a leg-up on the competition.  Turner will have the opportunity to build the entire electrical engineering division, serving as Engineer of Record on design-build projects while also working in collaboration with local partners on other projects.  With Turner onboard, LEDS plans to expand the electrical division in short order.

“We needed an in-house electrical engineer, and Craig is the first guy,” said Ward.  “He has real leadership skills; he understands the business, and he has plenty of hands on expertise.  He can lead this department.”

Turner brings twelve years of industry experience with him to Limbach, including a significant portfolio of management and Electrical Design experience.  His reputation in the Florida community is more than a decade in the making. Turner graduated from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  He has spent his entire professional career in the Florida market, including a stint as the head of the Commercial Engineering Department at Matern Professional Engineering in Maitland, Florida. With a bevy of experience in all vertical markets, Turner has designed everything from simple lighting systems to expansive photovoltaic systems.  His all-around expertise and desire to build an engineering division as he sees fit makes him the perfect fit for Limbach Engineering & Design Services.

“Getting to create a whole department, starting from the bottom, doing it the right way,” Turner explained.  “I’m just really excited to get in there and start building it up.”