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Limbach Promotes Cristine Leifheit to Vice President of People & Culture

PITTSBURGH, PA  - On September 1, Limbach Holdings, Inc. elevated Director of Human Resources Cristine Leifheit to the Vice President of People & Culture.  The move signifies not just a promotion for Leifheit, but a corporate culture shift for Limbach.
To remain consistent with the company purpose “to create great opportunities for people,” and the first of six core values, which is “we care,” Limbach opted to rebrand the entire human resources department.  The idea behind the change is to shift the focus from viewing employees as “resources,” but rather as people.

The Vice President of People & Culture is a new role within Limbach.  The responsibilities will include directing all of the people functions within the organization, in accordance with Limbach policies and practices, ethical and social consciences of business and society, and government laws and regulations.  Additionally, as VP of People & Culture, Leifheit will be responsible for providing Limbach with top talent and positioning the company as a first choice employer.

“Look at our company purpose, as it’s outlined.  It focuses on people,” Leifheit explained.  “Our number one core value is ‘we care.’  All of the things we do, such as having a human resources seat on the executive team, is evidence that it’s a deep seeded principle in the company to put people first.”

Cristine Leifheit joined Limbach in 1999 as an HR generalist.  Over the years, she has worked tirelessly to help improve the department, never losing focus on those whom she is responsible for helping: the people.  Proof of her hard work and dedication is demonstrated through her steady rise in rank, culminating in her new position as Vice President of People & Culture.


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With headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Limbach Holdings, Inc. operates 13 strategically located full-service branch operations in 24 major U.S. markets. Limbach’s geographic reach spans Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey , New England, Ohio, Michigan, Southern California, and Mid-Atlantic, while Harper Building Systems, a Limbach Holdings, Inc. company, services Florida.  Limbach Engineering & Design Services is headquartered in Orlando, FL, and services all 13 Limbach branches.  Limbach strives to be our customers’ 1st Choice in terms of the services we provide, markets we serve and regions where we operate.  Limbach’s commitment to safety, advanced technology, human development and reliable execution enables us to attract and retain the industry’s top leadership talent, skilled craftspeople and professional management staff.