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Limbach Company LLC Becomes an Approved COSTAR Supplier in the State of Pennsylvania

Limbach Company LLC becomes an approved COSTAR supplier in the state of Pennsylvania

Limbach Company LLC is an approved COSTARS supplier through the Pennsylvania Department of General Services. PA municipalities, local government units, school districts, and non-profits can now purchase Maintenance, Repair, Operation Equipment & Supplies (“MRO”) from Limbach Company LLC through the COSTARS program. Take advantage of the best pricing available from a qualified supplier with a proven track record of delivering quality and results by contacting us today!

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of PA’s cooperative purchasing program. The COSTARS Program provides registered local public procurement units (LPPU’s) as well as state affiliated entities (together “members”) and suppliers a tool to find and do business with each other effectively through the use of a contract established by DGS. For more information on eligibility & membership, visit the COSTARS website.

We are excited about joining the CoStars family of providers due to its uncompromising dedication to bringing the best goods and services to its members.  Being a CoStars partner will allow us to provide the highest level of engineered HVAC solutions to its membership.” says Thom Brazel, AVP & General Service Manager of Western PA Branch.

Click here to go to our PA COSTARS page that features our contract and vendor numbers and contact information.

Contract Number: 008-574
Vendor Number: 193445