Nick Angerosa


President of Harper Limbach

Nick joined Harper in 2012 as Senior Vice President and Branch Manager of the Tampa Branch. After growing the Tampa business for eight years, Nick became President of Harper.

Nick is responsible for the entire Florida business including mechanical construction, mechanical prime, special projects, and service departments. These departments work collaboratively to deliver high-level products to their customers and ensure above-average industry-standard profits for their stakeholders, all the while maintaining an excellent safety record.

Nick’s vision for Harper is to play a part in leading the company as a best-in-class provider of value-driven building solutions and services that Harper offers to its diverse client base.

Prior to joining Harper, Nick worked as a Project Manager and then Division Manager with The Poole & Kent Company of Florida from 1997 to 2012. His valuable experience there in delivering a variety of special projects and major construction projects prepared him for his current role at Harper.