About Limbach

Limbach Holdings, Inc., (NASDAQ: LMB), with revenue of $516.4 million in 2023, is a building systems solution firm that partners with building owners and facilities managers who have mission critical mechanical (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical and plumbing infrastructure. We strive to be an indispensable partner to our customers by providing services that are essential to the operation of their businesses. 








Since our founding more than 120 years ago, our core values have remained constant. Here’s how we translate these values in our daily lives:

  • We care  is more than just a phrase – it’s a commitment to enhancing the lives of our team members both personally and professionally. From our award-winning training programs that develop your career and skillset to our Hearts & Minds safety culture ensuring you return home injury-free every day, we’re here to support your journey. Our mission is simple but impactful: to optimize existing buildings, leaving the environment and our world better than we found it. And ‘We care’ goes beyond the office walls.

  • Our business and culture are driven by doing the right thing for our employees and customers. We pride ourselves on delivering on our commitments. 

  • We are a collaborative team with diverse technical expertise that equips us to tackle our customers’ toughest challenges. Our culture supports and encourages our employees to speak up with their ideas, track future trends, and breathe life into new concepts, all aimed at improving our company and making our customers’ lives easier. By creating an environment of continuous learning, we empower our team with the proper training and competencies to deliver innovative solutions tailored to address our top customers’ evolving needs.

  • We are a company with drive and discipline. We set goals and hold each other responsible for the outcomes. We utilize the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS™) as our way of managing and leading the organization for top performance. 


We do what it takes to deliver, maintain, and optimize mission-critical MEP systems by being an indispensable partner to our employees, customers, investors and partners.


To become an indispensable partner to building owners with mission-critical systems.


  • To provide our team members with the resources to continue to learn and grow individually and professionally with the purpose of creating the next generation of Limbach Leaders.

  • By deploying consistent core processes throughout our Company to maintain consistency and continuity in every department, every business unit, and every project.

  • To deliver a broad suite of services including technology-enabled capabilities and products that leverage both our professional services and field services.

  • Throughout our branches from professional design, engineering, estimating, planning, and program management services to provide our clients with a holistic approach to building optimization and efficiency.

  • That will supplement our current business model, address capability gaps and enhance the breadth of our service offerings to better serve our clients.