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Limbach Mergers & Acquisitions - Jake Marshall's Integration Story

Acquisitions are a fundamental part of Limbach’s growth strategy and company evolution. We are looking for culturally compatible companies made up of excellent people who can bring new and innovative ideas and processes so that we can all become better together.

Check out our video to learn more about our M&A strategy and the recent integration success of our Jake Marshall Team.

Limbach - Evolving, Diverse, and Essential

When you think about Limbach, there are three keywords to consider – Evolution, Diversity, and Essential.

Check out our video to learn more about how these three key words contribute to Limbach’s success.

Limbach's Growth Strategy

Starting in 1901, Limbach wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our committment to continously evolve. When we see market opportunities or an opportunity to challenge the industry norm, we take advantage of them.

Check out our video to learn more about Limbach’s evolution and growth strategy.

Introduction to Limbach

Limbach Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: LMB), with revenue of $490.4 million in 2021, is an integrated building systems solutions firm whose expertise is the design, installation, management, service, and maintenance of HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and control systems.

Check out our video to learn more about who Limbach is and what makes our team and approach unique to our industry.