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Limbach Mergers & Acquisitions - Jake Marshall's Integration Story

Acquisitions are a fundamental part of Limbach’s growth strategy and company evolution. We are looking for culturally compatible companies made up of excellent people who can bring new and innovative ideas and processes so that we can all become better together.

Check out our video to learn more about our M&A strategy and the recent integration success of our Jake Marshall Team.

An Indispensable Relationship - Limbach & Winterthur Museum

Creating comfortable and controllable environments to help preserve our nation’s history at Winterthur Museum. The Winterthur Museum houses over 90,000 of our nation’s historical and decorative fine arts. Any influx in the museum’s air quality, temperature, or humidity levels could pose a severe problem to preserving these historical pieces.

Check out our full video below to hear firsthand what goes into maintaining a mission-critical space like Winterthur Museum.

We Are Limbach - Our Brand Story

Step into the world of Limbach, where our dedicated team of employees makes all the difference. We’re not your average mechanical contractor; we are a united force driven by a higher purpose, showing up day in and day out because we know what’s at stake if we don’t.

Check out our brand video to discover the core of our identity, the “Why” behind what we do, and what sets us apart in this ever-changing industry.

Limbach - A Trusted Healthcare Partner

Working within healthcare facilities is at the core of our business. From providing optimized and reliable systems, pristine air quality, on-demand services, and 24/7 maintenance, we understand the impact we can make in helping our healthcare partners provide the best care for their patients. Regardless of the time or day, from our field and project teams to service techs and senior leaders, we show up day in and day out.

Check out our video showcasing our Ohio team showing up for their local healthcare partner when they needed us the most.


Limbach on Good Morning America

Check out our special cameo on Good Morning America where our Eastern PA Service Technician was heading in to service the Philadelphia Museum of Art.