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Vision, Purpose & Culture

Purpose, Vision & Culture

Our Purpose
To create great opportunities for people.

Our Vision  
To expand and grow the 1st Choice Integrated Building Systems Firm in the United States of America.

We achieve this vision by:

  • Delivering value through early involvement in project definition and design phases.

  • Leveraging the expertise of our engineering, construction and service professionals during the project definition and design phases.

  • Assisting the building owner’s team with life cycle energy and total cost of ownership modeling during the project definition and design phases.

  • Planning projects using our advanced technology platform, the Limbach Modeling & Production System (LMPS) which integrates building information modeling information, engineering, real-time cost estimating, and fabrication applications.

  • Commissioning our projects with the end in mind, which assures timely and proper start-up of building systems.

Our vision is to build a fully integrated building services company that offers engineering, self-performed construction and service for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, building automation and control systems.

Learn about our unique culture here.