Limbachers Who Give Back – The Long Haul For a Good Cause

Limbachers Who Give Back – The Long Haul For a Good Cause

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Limbachers Who Give Back – The Long Haul for a Good Cause 

Picture this: you’re driving down the highway and suddenly, a group of motorcyclists zoom past you, their engines roaring in unison. You may have wondered what inspires these riders to come together and take on the open road. Well, the answer is simple – they’re riding for a cause.

Meet Rocky Sheaffer, a Senior Sales Representative at Limbach’s Western Pennsylvania office, who embodies Limbach’s We Care core value both at work and throughout his personal life. With a passion for giving back to others, Rocky supports the Tour of Honor, rode under Flag Number 458 in honor of a local veteran in Western PA, and finished in the top 20 riders nationwide. 

When provided with another chance to give back, Rocky jumped at the opportunity to join Mile Monsters.  Mile Monsters Inc. is a community of long-distance endurance riders that rally together to raise awareness and support children affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is an inherited progressive muscular weakness disorder commonly found in young boys. Currently, Mile Monsters Inc. supports four young boys: Turbo from California, Alfie the Animal from Ireland, Gaven the Goat from Texas, and Drew Gunner from Pennsylvania. Mile Monsters Inc.’s mission is to “Help kids live their best life!”, supporting those affected by the disease and circumstances they cannot control. Mile Monsters brings awareness by visiting each one of the kid’s schools and having a Monster Day. They ride their motorcycles through the gymnasium and hold an assembly at the school to shine a light on the effects DMD can have on their classmates

Rocky is one of 200 riders committed to riding 1,000 miles a day for 100 days this summer to raise funds for Mile Monsters. The ride aims to secure a hero van to make transportation easier for Drew Gunner, a child affected by DMD. After the registration filled up immediately, the goal amount was doubled, allowing Mile Monsters to provide a temporary hero van for Drew. The goal is to present a permanent van to Drew at the end of the ride where everyone is invited to join in the celebration. But Rocky’s dedication to giving back doesn’t stop there. He was recently accepted into the Hoka Hey long-distance endurance riders group, where he will be traveling for 10 days, committing to 10,000 miles a day in 2024 to support charities.

If you would like to support Rocky and the Mile Monsters, you can donate by clicking this link:  So next time you see a group of motorcyclists riding together, know that they could be riding to support a worthy cause.