Trust Limbach for Healthy Building Solutions

Trust Limbach for Healthy Building Solutions

Trust Limbach for Healthy Building Solutions

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How Limbach Provides Healthy Buildings for Businesses

Healthy buildings are essential for businesses to ensure their employees’ and customers’ safety and well-being, and Limbach provides numerous building solutions that make building environments healthier and more productive.

So, what makes a healthy building? Generally, a healthy building should have plenty of natural light, air ventilation, controllable space temperature, and humidity levels within a comfortable range for the type of activity being performed. The building should also be as soundproof and energy efficient as possible.

Fortunately, Limbach has the expertise and experience to help create a workspace that meets these standards and more. Our team is also well-versed in green building practices and has LEED-accredited associates on staff, so you can rest assured that your building is environmentally friendly too.

4 Ways Limbach Can Make Your Mission-Critical Building Healthy

At Limbach, we understand the importance of a healthy building that will keep you and your occupants safe from potential health hazards and significantly improve productivity by providing a clean, comfortable workplace. That’s why we strive to offer both professional and turnkey solutions to make your mission-critical space healthier and more efficient.

Here are just some of the ways Limbach is making healthy buildings a reality:

Live IAQ Assessments

Our team can run real-time tests and perform an in-person assessment of your indoor air quality. After collecting the data, we generate reports that provide insights into areas needing improvement. This helps us develop a long-term plan for healthy buildings.

Adjustments to HVAC Systems

Limbach’s in-house mechanical engineers have the expertise to adjust your HVAC system and bring more fresh outside air into your building. Increasing the number of outside air exchanges per hour helps reduce viruses, control humidity, and promote healthy indoor air quality.

Air Filtration

Our team can also upgrade your air filters to the highest efficiency rated filter recommended/allowed by the manufacturer (MERV rating) and ensure they are replaced regularly after flushing the building. This will help reduce airborne contaminants, which is especially important for businesses in the Life Science field. Our engineers can also review the systems and recommend ultraviolet and bipolar ionization when appropriate for cleaner air.

Preventing Legionella Growth and Spread

Limbach’s water treatment professionals can provide a proactive program to help maintain healthy water systems. Our team can assist with developing regular plumbing maintenance checks, physical trap guards and electronic trap primers, flushing all domestic water systems and fixtures, cleaning all water vessels (ice machines, storage tanks, cooling towers, humidifiers), and cooling tower maintenance.

Why Limbach is a Healthy Building Pioneer

Limbach’s comprehensive building solutions also address water safety and sanitation. Our team is adept at designing water filtration systems that provide clean, potable water to everyone in the workplace. We can also inspect existing piping structures and identify potential hazards or contamination sources.

Additionally, Limbach’s expertise in mechanical systems design allows us to craft tailored solutions that meet each business’s specific needs. Our team considers budget constraints, local regulations, energy efficiency goals, and other factors when devising strategies for optimizing building health. We have extensive experience outfitting mission-critical spaces with air filtration systems and ventilation/control upgrades to create safer air quality for workers and customers. In addition, we provide comprehensive indoor environmental quality assessments to identify potential sources of contamination or other health risks.

A wide range of energy-efficient products and services are also available to improve buildings’ health while reducing utility costs. From LED lighting upgrades to HVAC system monitoring and optimization, our team has the knowledge and expertise to develop a sustainable solution for any size of business.

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At Limbach, we understand the importance of providing healthy buildings for businesses, so they can focus on running their operations smoothly rather than worrying about the well-being of their employees and customers. We are dedicated to helping companies create and maintain healthy workspaces, no matter the size or scope of their project. Contact us today to learn more.