Limbach Unlocked, Season 4

Limbach Unlocked, Season 4

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From Sunrise to Service Calls:  A Day in the Life of an HVAC Service Technician

Join us for an exclusive Limbach Unlocked episode celebrating National HVAC Technician Day! Featuring Kiefer Sullivan, a Harper Limbach technician, this episode dives deep into the daily life of an HVAC technician. Host James Swanson explores Kiefer’s career journey, the daily work of our technicians, and the exceptional service our partners receive. Discover what it means to be an total building solutions partner to building owners and the exciting career opportunities within our team. Ready to unlock the inner world of a technician?

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Safety Week 2024:  Valuing Every Voice – Our Safety Journey from Compliance to Personal Ownership

Safety Week is an annual celebration in the Construction Industry, but for us, an emphasis on safety is much more than one week and much more than just physical safety. But that focus has been part of a long journey. Join us as we hear from 2024 Safety Forum Chair, Rob Sudz, to learn about how we’ve shifted mindsets, actions, processes, and our culture to value every voice.

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Season 4, Episode 5:  Inside Limbach’s Career Mobility: Special Projects and Service 

Introducing our Career Mobility episodes, where we explore career path options across the company. This episode provides depth on our special projects and service sectors of the business. If you’re an internal employee wishing to create career mobility for yourself, or an external candidate wanting to learn more about our teams, this episode is for you!

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Season 4, Episode 4:  Looking Behind & Looking Ahead with President & CEO Mike McCann 

In this episode, we celebrate Mike’s one year anniversary as CEO of Limbach! Tune in to hear what Mike is proud of in 2023  and his strategic goals for 2024. He recaps the company’s vision and strategy for acquisitions, including the offerings and unique cultural fit of our latest acquisition, Industrial Air. Mike rounds out the podcast by talking about some of Forbes’ 2024 workforce trends and how Limbach plans to address each one: Sustainable Working Practices, Future Skills, Employee & Customer Experience, Changing Workplace Demographics,  and Digitization and Datafication/Lifelong Learning/Decentralized Workplace.

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Season 4, Episode 3:  Women in Construction 2024: Hardhats & Heels 

Join us as we celebrate Women in Construction with panelists Jehnifer Knott, Orlando Project Manager, Julinda Martin, Orlando Project Engineer, and Victoria Howard, an Apprentice in Local 537.

We discuss their career journeys and key experiences that have given them the skills and expertise they believe women need to excel in this industry, and what they’ve learned from role models and mentors in their life, We gain insight into best practices for tools and gadgets, time management, organization, even clothing and workwear through a speed-round of some of the things women face on the job and how our panelists handle them. We close the episode by sharing a vision of the future for Women in Construction. This episode is for you, women in construction and service, and your allies.

Did you know Limbach has a Women in Construction Employee Resource Group (WIC ERG)? Founded in 2017, our WIC ERG aims to develop a culture of belonging and community that respects and empowers women in our Company and Industry. Interested in learning more? Click here to visit our website!

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Season 4, Episode 2:  Day in the Life of a Limbach Engineer 

Introducing our ‘Day in the Life’ series! These episodes explore various positions and teams here at Limbach, highlighting the difference-making talent and impact our people have on the communities they serve. This episode focuses on our in-house engineering team, and our very own Kim Murley joins us to discuss what it truly means to be a Limbach engineer.

Listen in as Kim details her seven-year journey with the company, beginning as an intern, through her role today as an Engineer II. Next, Kim gives an overview of what services our engineering group provides, and what sets us apart as a design-build contractor and the engineers of record on a project. I ask Kim to describe the process and impact our engineers can have on a given job. Kim shares some great examples of how our engineers can be indispensable partners to building owners from start to finish. Next we shift focus to Limbach’s ODR business model and the added impact our engineers have during the beginning stages of a project . As a building owner, what kind of experience can you expect when working with our engineers? How do we support an ever-evolving world of mission-critical facilities?

 So you’re thinking about joining Limbach’s engineering team? Kim explains what makes this multi-talented group a great one to be a part.

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Introducing Limbach Unlocked, Season 4 

Since 1901, Limbach has been laying the foundation for a better world through the design, installation and maintenance of MEP systems. This season of Limbach Unlocked, takes a deep dive into our business, the evolution of Limbach throughout the years, and the people that are essential to moving us forward. Listen in as co-hosts Kate Mistry and James Swanson explore Limbach’s culture, legacy, and the stories that have shaped Limbach’s footprint as a leader in the MEP industry.