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United States Postal Service Bolger Center

Laurel, MD - Mid Atlantic

  • Customer: USPS
  • Delivery Method: Design Build
  • Service Offering: MEP
  • Project Description: The USPS Bolger Center is a 24 hour facility that caters to both the USPS and private companies as a conference center and training facility. Due to the nature of the facility and it's hosting of meetings, weddings, and USPS inspection services training, it took careful coordination with construction activities to avoid disrupting the ambiance of the facility and their ongoing operations. The project included trouble shooting the existing conditions, developing design solutions to replace equipment and distribution systems. Limbach's project scope included, completing the 100% design documents, preparing energy compliance certification (ECC) and Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Replacing existing Air Handling Units serving the Ben Franklin Banquet Hall and the Inspector Service DT Room with new high efficiency AHU's, Replacing existing Roof Top Units with new high efficiency RTU's, retrofitting existing VAV boxes in the Banquet Hall ceiling, replacing existing roof top cooling tower with a new high efficiency induced draft stainless steel cooling tower, providing a new high efficiency chiller and pumps, structural steel supports, ductwork modifications, air and water balancing, piping modifications, power circulating for new mechanical equipment, and new digital HVAC controls. Temporary HVAC system solutions were developed and implemented to complete the renovation as transparently as possible to the visitors and day-to- day users of the Bolger Center. Due to the ongoing operations of the facility, these activities were completed with a focus on safety for both the workers and occupants.
  • Completion Date: SEPTEMBER 2012
  • Total Project Cost: N/A