From Harper to Limbach: It’s Not We Cared, It’s We Care

From Harper to Limbach: It’s Not We Cared, It’s We Care

From Harper to Limbach: It’s Not We Cared, It’s We Care 2560 1920 Limbach | A building systems solution firm for mechanical, electrical and plumbing building systems

From Harper to Limbach: It’s Not We Cared, It’s We Care. 

At Limbach, the core value that guides our entire culture is “We Care.” We care about the whole person – who they are at work and their career development, and we provide them with the flexibility to be the best versions of themselves at home for their families. Check out the inspiring We Care story below, featuring how our teams rallied together to support one of our own and his family. 

In 2022, Danny Bawor, one of our Harper Service Sales Representatives, had a two-year-old daughter named McKenzie who became extremely sick. This prompted him and his wife to rush her to the hospital. As McKenzie’s condition worsened, Danny took time off to care for McKenzie and their son, who couldn’t accompany them due to Covid restrictions. Encouraged by the Harper team, Danny was able to take all the time he needed to be present with his family, knowing his job would be waiting for him once McKenzie got better.

Unfortunately, Mckenzie’s condition continued to worsen, and Danny and his wife had to make a split decision to transport McKenzie by medical airlift to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) so she could get the best care she needed. Once McKenzie was admitted to CHOP, she was diagnosed with Leigh Syndrome and was able to get the proper treatment, and began to improve. As McKenzie was on the road to recovery, Danny and his wife were convinced that CHOP’s medical team was the best choice for their daughter’s care. So, they made the life-altering decision to leave their hometown of Tampa and relocate to Pennsylvania.

After deciding to relocate, Danny informed our Tampa Harper team of the move. His manager at the time asked him if he would be open to staying within the Harper Limbach family, as Limbach, Harper’s parent company, had a branch less than an hour from CHOP.  Intrigued but uncertain about the specifics, Danny soon received a call from Andy Wiegand, EPA’s Branch Manager, to discuss Danny’s role and how it could be leveraged within the EPA branch.

In addition to Danny’s family needing CHOP’s medical expertise, our Limbach EPA team is proud of our long-standing relationship with CHOP, serving as one of their trusted mechanical and plumbing partners.

While Danny’s wife stayed in Pennsylvania to take care of McKenzie and her brother, Danny flew back to Florida to handle packing and the physical move. To his surprise, once he arrived home, he found fellow manager and team members Tony White, Rian Geeseman, Kevin Gall, and others waiting for him, ready to help him pack up and move. This is what our we care culture is all about.

Despite transitioning from Harper to Limbach, through this entire experience, Danny expressed his gratitude for the caring culture throughout the entire company, regardless of location. Whenever challenges arose, it seemed that both Harper and Limbach were always there to lend a hand. Danny expressed his gratitude, saying, “I’m working for a company that supported me during the toughest time in my life…”

In November, McKenzie’s wish was granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and she had the opportunity to visit her fellow princesses at Disney. Inspired by the organization’s support, Limbach’s EPA team, with a special shout-out to Jennifer Stearn and Christine Batchelor for organizing, decided to host a Make-A-Wish 5K walk with the goal of raising enough money and help others’ wishes come true. 

Now, a year later, Danny and his family have settled into their new home. He proudly reports that McKenzie is doing well and possesses an indomitable spirit. While McKenzie will have to live with Leigh Syndrome throughout her entire life, Danny is grateful to be provided the flexibility to accompany his wife to McKenzie’s ongoing doctor appointments and be there whenever they need him to. He expresses ongoing support from both Limbach and Harper, highlighting how colleagues frequently check in on him as an individual rather than focusing solely on his job position.

In Danny’s words, “It’s not ‘We Cared,’ it’s ‘We Care.”