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Building Automation Systems & Controls

Many building owners are unaware of, or overwhelmed by, the challenges they face in operating and maintaining a complex MEP systems in an optimal way. We can establish a building controls & automation program that integrates a building owner's overall building system, optimizes energy consumption and provides ongoing data analytics on building performance.

Each program can include:

Engineering, Construction, Service | Retrofits, Upgrades

  • Monitor and control critical facility systems
  • Manage or minimize energy consumption
  • Upgrade to current technology while protecting past investments
  • Improve or enhance indoor environmental quality
  • Gather facility and asset data that facilitates continuous improvement, compliance reporting and analytics
  • Provide multiple vendor offerings & support
  • Nationwide Building Automation Systems (BAS) specialist

Master Systems Integrator, Integration Planning & Consulting, System Graphics & User Interface

  • Share data between systems like HVAC, lighting, life safety and security to enhance building operations
  • Integrate multiple buildings to a common software platform
  • Monitor a portfolio of buildings from one central location
  • Streamline operations by obtaining actionable information
  • Achieve standardization while still maintaining competition 

Managed Services, Fault Detection & Diagnostics, Energy Reporting & Analytics 

  • Transition from reactive to proactive maintenance activities
  • Redeploy maintenance assets
  • Offer immediate response and prioritization of alarms and events
  • Take a proactive approach to predicting failures and identifying performance 
  • Gain insight into systems and identify opportunities for improvement

Energy Assessments, Measurement & Verification, Performance Based Contracting, Retro Commissioning 

  • Apply modeling and analytics to save energy, water and money
  • Reduce carbon footprint and increase sustainability
  • Improve public image and attract and/or retain tenants
  • Prioritize upgrades and projects based on life-cycle costs vs. first costs
  • Pay for facility upgrades with energy savings